Dentures Or Implants…What’s right for you?

Hello my friend.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to Robert. Robert is truly one of a kind.  A powerhouse of a man who started his life in the military, then moved to the private sector to protect his clients in a private security firm.

Robert, or Rob as he liked to be called, spent time at the gym daily. He explained that he did this to be strong enough to protect the people he served.  He never drank and had no real vices.  He explained that this was not an option; it was too important he remained clear-minded to be prepared for any situation. 

The problem was that Rob was so focused on caring for others that he neglected his oral health. He did this up until his mouth pain and problems became so bad and so obvious he ended up in our dental chair for a dental emergency.

Sadly, it was too late when he finally came in. Rob was in the middle of a full-blown dental nightmare.  All his teeth that were not already missing were diseased and dying.  His jawbone was infected, and he needed a major overall to repair the damage.

Rob had only two choices…dentures or all-on X dental implants.

When we meet with a patient with missing teeth or in the middle of a dental nightmare like Rob, the choice almost always comes down to dentures or implants.

We almost always recommend implants.


I’m glad you asked. 

When properly maintained, dental implants can last a lifetime and are as easy to care for as natural teeth.  

Dentures and bridges require regular maintenance and special cleaning techniques and must be replaced every few years.

Dental implants fuse with your jawbone and promote bone growth.  This protects the integrity of your jawline and keeps your face from having that sunk-in aged look so common for people missing teeth.  

Dentures, on the other hand, have been shown to accelerate bone loss in the jaw, which leads to changes in facial structure over time. 

Dental implants are fused to your jawbone. This means they feel natural in your mouth and allow you to chew, speak, and laugh without worrying about your teeth shifting or falling out mid-bite or mid-sentence. 

Dentures shift.  They can literally fall out of your mouth if not properly secured.  They can be uncomfortable and create hot spots in your mouth. 

The bottom line is that although dentures may be less costly upfront, the actual cost shows up over the years with permanent damage to your other teeth and jawline, not to mention the financial costs of maintaining and replacing these substandard solutions every few years.

I’m pleased to say that Rob opted for dental implants. It’s been over a year since his treatment was completed, and when he comes in for his regularly scheduled cleanings, he is always smiling ear to ear.  It pleases me that the man who dedicated his career to protecting others is now actively working to protect his own good health.

If you are missing teeth, you owe it to yourself to consider dental implants for a natural-looking, comfortable, and life-long solution. 

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