Imagine Your Future With A Smile You LOVE Showing The World…

Dear Friend,

Are you scared of the dentist?  

Do you hate the idea of sitting in the dentist’s chair?

Do you fear the cost involved in fixing your teeth?

If so, you’re not alone.

Many share your concerns.


At Bowman Dental, we hear stories every day from patients who put off dental treatment because they fear the dental chair or the cost involved in fixing their teeth. Today, I’d like to share one of these stories with you. 

Let me introduce you to Paul…


Paul came into Bowman Dental reluctantly.  In his words, his girlfriend bullied him into going.  He hadn’t been to the dentist in years.  He said he had dentalphobia.  Still, he’d struggled with his teeth. He had two that were chipped, and all were slightly discolored.  His girlfriend hated how insecure Paul felt about his teeth.  She had struggled with her teeth in the past but had loved her experience with Bowman Dental, and after much…urging on her part, she had convinced him to go in for a consultation. 


Paul was reluctant, not just because he feared the dental chair but also because he was sure the solution would be out of his price range. He was not a rich man, after all.  


When he came for his consultation, his dentist told him about injection molding veneers.  How he was a perfect candidate for them and how they could fix his problems with his teeth for a fraction of the price of ceramic veneers.   


His dentist then explained the procedure in detail to ease his mind. He told him how injection molding veneers are placed in a process where durable, high-quality materials like porcelain or resin are injected into a mold that is made to fit his smile down to every last detail.  The process seemed simple and not invasive at all.   So far, so good.

Then, our team at Bowman Dental went over the price. It was affordable, and the payment plan made it easy for Paul to fit the procedure into his budget.


He was quite surprised when he realized it was much cheaper than many other dental procedures he’d heard of.  He was convinced and agreed to the procedure with no hesitation.


Once his veneers were placed, Paul couldn’t believe how much he loved his new smile.   He was delighted with the fantastic results, and the price was just right. To this day, he still enjoys the benefits of our injection molding veneers. He now confidently shows off the smile he’d always dreamed of everywhere he goes. He no longer worries about not being hired because of his appearance and eagerly seeks out social situations. 


If you share any of Paul’s struggles, I urge you to call Bowman Dental. Injection molding veneers can renew your smile in less time and with less expense than you may think possible.


No one should ever feel ashamed or embarrassed by their smile.  Give us a call today.  We’re here for you every step of the way. 


At Bowman Dental, we believe everyone should be proud of their smiles and enjoy the type of smile that lights up a room when they walk in. We want you to have this experience without having to pay a fortune. 


So, if you’re searching for an affordable option with long-lasting results, look no further and give us a call at 603-605-0036 or stop by our offices so that you, too, can achieve a brighter smile at a lower price today. We look forward to seeing you there!

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