The Impact Injection Molding Veneers Could Have On Your Life…

Hello Friend,

At Bowman Dental, we are fortunate to see the transformative effect on the lives of our patients who choose to renew their smiles. One of my favorite stories is about a girl named Summer.

Summer struggled with a problem you may be able to relate to.  She had misaligned and discolored teeth that made her feel embarrassed about her smile.  She was a bright and beautiful young woman, but she simply hated the way her teeth looked.  This affected every aspect of her life. She felt she could never smile confidently.  She was afraid to laugh and joke with her friend…she didn’t want her teeth to show too much.  Every day she felt ashamed of her teeth and tried to hide them as much as possible. 


She’d considered speaking with her dentist but was convinced the process would be too expensive. Plus, she’d heard horror stories about how painful dental work could be. She figured perfect, straight teeth were for the stars—not something she or anyone in the real world could ever afford. 


Luckily, a friend of hers had recently visited Bowman Dental. Their dentist had convinced them to try injection molding veneers to repair their discolored teeth.  Summer’s friend was ecstatic about the results, and it was easy to see why.  Her friend’s teeth looked natural, pearly white, and…well, perfect!


Summer came into our office curious but not hopeful.  She was bolstered by her friend’s success but still afraid. She was sure her teeth were in worse shape. She just knew it would cost a lot more to fix and that the procedure would likely be painful.  Still, she was motivated to at least find out more.

Summer scheduled her consultation with Bowman Dental and she was so glad she did.  Her dentist assured her that her smile could be renewed and at a fraction of the cost she expected.  In no time at all she had the smile she’d been dreaming of. 

A week later, I was pleased to see that she’d left us a glowing review.  She described the whole process as being very simple. She talked about how she had expected it to be uncomfortable but it was the complete opposite. The experience went by without any troubles and she didn’t have any kind of pain or discomfort.


Summer expressed how satisfied she was with the results. Since the veneers were made with durable materials, she didn’t have to worry about them chipping or getting damaged. Another one of her worries had been that her original teeth would look too different from the veneers, but since they were custom-made to fit her smile, they actually fit her perfectly.


Many other patients actually share Summer’s worries. They fear the veneers will look out of place. The fear the procedure will be painful. They fear the veneers will chip easily and need costly repairs in the future.


The truth is that injection molding veneers eliminate these problems. Injection molding veneers completely cover any misalignments or imperfections on your teeth. They’re made of materials that fit you just right. They’re also made to last so chipping and fractures are less likely.


Now Summer cannot stop smiling. She cannot stop telling her friends how happy she is with her veneers. It’s heartwarming to see her smile so brightly and with such confidence. She speaks about how much injection molding veneers changed her life and how she went from feeling down about her appearance to being able to genuinely smile without the need to hide her teeth.


If you are like Summer and her struggles sound anything like yours, please give us a call at 603-605-0036. You don’t need to feel insecure about your smile. A smile is something that should come from your heart and something that you can wear proudly. You are not alone and here at Bowman Dental, we are willing to do anything we can in order to help you smile brightly and sincerely, just like Summer.


We look forward to meeting you and can’t wait to see you smile!

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